Friday, May 19, 2006

Zipper Frustration!

Am I just too picky, or is it really hard to find a semi-attractive 2-way zipper? I tried Jo-Ann Fabrics first, yesterday, and was seriously disappointed by their limited selection. Basically, I was limited to plain old dark brown, plus I really disliked the style of zipper pull (I know, I know, I'm probably being way too fussy, but, you know, if you've spent all this time on a zip-up cardigan, you really want it to look good, right?).

Then I headed to my usual go-to store in situations like this--The Fabric Place in Framingham. This place is great--not only do they have all sorts of fabrics, patterns, notions, etc., they also carry a highly eclectic yarn selection, which happens to include the yarn I'm using for my Picovoli sweater. (Note to Shireen, who is browbeating encouraging me to finish the sweater quickly: I'm somewhere in the 2"--or more like 3" for me--limbo between the waist decreases and increases. I haven't forgotten 'bout it--don't worry). Anyway, I've been worrying that I would run out of yarn for said sweater, so I managed to pick up the last ball in that dye lot (whew), grabbed some little goodies for my Secret Pal, and headed upstairs to the notions room, where I was sure I'd find a veritable smorgasbord of zipper choices.

Boy, was I wrong. OK, to give them credit, they did carry more than one brand, and I was able to match colors with my Ribby Cardi, but they had almost no 2-way zippers at all! So, color number in hand, I headed back to my trusty computer, called up this website, and was able to order and pay for a single zipper using Paypal. I was disappointed that I couldn't find a local supplier, but was pleasantly surprised to be able to order zippers singly online.

My posting over the next week or so might be spotty at best, since I'm heading into probably my busiest work week since I went freelance 3 years ago. Also, I apologize for being slow to respond to comments this week--Blogger is taking forever to deliver them to my e-mail! Have a great weekend, everybody.


Blogger Theresa said...

Apparently you can find them in NYC, but otherwise it's online. Maybe Shireen can get them for you after she moves.

2:40 PM  

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