Monday, February 05, 2007

Sixteen Rows a Day Keeps the Doctor Bag From Driving Me Crazy

What you see here is the beginning of my Doctor's Bag. I took this photo last week, and it's actually gotten a lot bigger than that now, especially after knitting on it during yesterday's little football game. This is going to be one big bag! Finished, the sides will measure just under 12" x 18"--get out the measuring tape, kids, because I had a hard time visualizing it until I was able to look at just how long 18" is.

The pattern is extremely straightforward (hopefully you can see the herringbone stitch in the photo--it's kind of hard with the dark yarn), although for some reason, my own mental shortcomings make it such that I can't stop knitting in the middle of the 16-row pattern repeat. Which makes this a great project for, say, knitting during movies (or 3.5-hour football games), but not so great for picking up and knitting in little bits and pieces, or for taking on the subway or to rehearsal or somewhere else where I'm liable to get interrupted frequently.

That Cascade 220 is certainly getting a workout--as are my wrists, from knitting with straight needles after doing pretty much everything on circulars for the last couple of years!


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