Monday, March 06, 2006

And Next?

OK, now that the Olympics are over, it's time to play that fun game:

Where the hell was I?

I seem to remember that I was working on the Ribby Cardi (ah, yes, I'm stuck in the limbo of the sleeves, somewhere between the increases and decreases, trying to determine if I have enough yarn). If I can actually motivate myself to do, oh, fifteen more inches of mindless ribbing, I could actually finish this soon. I also got some great advice from the Knitsmiths yesterday about where to find a long-sleeve T to wear under this thing, since all the usual retail suspects have switched their inventory to nothing but tank tops and bathing suits--I'm on a quest!

I vaguely remember that I had started a shawl as a gift (oh--there it is--looking very sad and pathetic on a stitch holder, stranded somewhere in the middle of the second (or third? or fourth?) pattern repeat. Curses! Perhaps I should learn my lesson about keeping better notes about where I am, especially when I put things down for weeks at a time. This is (or was) my project to work on while listening to my favorite knitting podcast Cast-On. It might be time to listen to this week's episode and take another look at the shawl before it's irrecoverable!

And then there's Sockapaloooza--I do have an update there, but I'll post about that tomorrow.


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