Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Nearly Instant Gratification

OK, so I desperately needed a break from the endless ribbing of the Ribby Cardi sleeves and I needed a quick, satisfying warmup to the Knitting Olympics project (in nearly the same color, btw). The Odessa hat from the newest Magknits fit the bill perfectly. I had a small store credit at my LYS, so I headed down there on Saturday and picked up one ball of Rowan Cashsoft DK, cast on, and three days later I'm done.
Beads aren't really my thing, and this hat is for me, so I left them off this time. I'm itching to reknit this, though, especially now that I know that I have enough yarn left over to make it an inch or so longer. Next time, I'll make it in black, add beads, and give it away. This is a quick and easy gift project that looks a lot harder than it is!

Pattern: Odessa from Magknits
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK, color SH509
Started: 2/4/2006
Finished: 2/7/2006

In non-knitting related developments, I sold a story yesterday to Skirt! magazine--it'll be in their August issue. They rejected one of my submissions but accepted the other one--that's just the kind of positive karma I need right now!


Blogger Norah said...

I noticed your name on the Yarn Horlot's Knitting Olympics site. I can't believe we both have the same, somewhat unusually-spelled first name, started blogging about a week apart, and are both making a cabled sweater for the Knitting Olympics. Small world.

Congratulations on your story getting accepted. The hat looks great.

10:59 PM  

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