Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Sorry I've been AWOL for the last week. I'm busy getting some work wrapped up before I leave for a short vacation with my sister next week, so my blogging time has been sorely limited. But I have a new poem today, and I'll have photos of another finished object tomorrow.

Today's poem is a clerihew. It's named after Edmund Clerihew Bentley, who invented the form in the early twentieth century. The clerihew is four lines long and pokes fun at a famous person. There are no rules about meter (in fact, most clerihews use lines of irregular length), but the first line must be the name of the celebrity, and the second line must rhyme with it.

To that end, I chose a "celebrity" who's probably only well-known in the knitting world, and who is perhaps as infamous for this problem as she is celebrated for her quite lovely patterns. Enjoy!

Debbie Bliss
Is a trifle remiss
When it comes to the knots
In her yarn. (there are lots!)


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