Friday, July 14, 2006

Pretty Pleased, with a Cherry on Top

After just a little bit of reflection, I figured out what was causing my recent knitting funk: I wasn't choosing projects that force me to think. Socks are convenient, sure, but once you understand the basic concepts, they're really not too demanding (I know, I know, there are super-involved sock patterns out there, but bear with me here). Ditto for the placemats that I just finished. Ditto for Ribby Cardi, which, with the exception of a little bit of shaping, is essentially just miles of ribbing and/or stockinette stitch.

In retrospect, the last project that really made me think the whole time I was working on it was my Olympic sweater. It had cables, it had a pattern repeat that needed to be carried through despite increases and decreases, it had lovely details and relatively complex instructions. Could it be that something along the same lines might jumpstart my knitting again?

I had purchased yarn a while ago, intending to use it for another project, but I've since been scared off given some of the photos of said project appearing in blogland. After a weekend afternoon spent perusing many, many patterns, I finally landed on My Fashionable Life. I've been coveting Jemima for a while now, so I decided to check to see if the prolific Ms. Bell had anything new up her sleeves. Could it be? Her newest pattern, Cherry, has cabling. It has lots of shaping. It is knit to the same gauge as the yarn I already had on hand. Was this the pattern I was looking for?

Apparently so.

I'm thinking of calling this project the Das Boot honorary sweater, since I cast on for this at Knitsmiths on Sunday and then knit the rest of what you see here during the 5+ hours of the uncut version, watched over several evenings this week. I am loving this project! It requires thought (always a good thing), but it's still straightforward enough that I can watch a film with subtitles while knitting it. Isn't it great how the smallest things can completely turn a bad attitude around?


Blogger Jofrog said...

Oooh, very nice pattern! Hmmm, do I need one too? Perhaps made of Silky Wool? Hmmmm.

1:39 PM  
Blogger DianeM said...

It's lovely!

7:12 PM  

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