Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Provisional Cast-On + Circular Knitting = Frustration

So I've started some new projects, as I wrote last week. Meanwhile, Ribby Cardi is still languishing unseamed. Too bad, too, because yesterday's cold rainy weather in Boston made for the perfect opportunity to wear said sweater. Nevertheless, I'm continuing to evade the inevitable by starting a new sweater that will (I hope) serve the dual purpose of ushering in spring.

The pattern is Picovoli by Grumperina. I have to confess that I came close to pitching it out the window about four times this weekend. Never in my short but angst-ridden knitting career have I had so many problems casting on! Now, I admit I've never done a provisional cast-on before, but that part wasn't so bad in and of itself.

The problem was that I was apparently incapable of joining the round (the sweater is very handily knit in the round--ergo, no seaming) without twisting it. Something about that extra yarn just hanging out there really freaked me out. This happened twice, forcing me to start all the way over from the beginning because I was feeling too inept to try to salvage it.

The first time I did succesfully join the round without twisting, I then screwed up the picot round--again, back to square stitch one.

By this time, I was convinced this project was doomed. Then I headed to knitting group on Sunday afternoon. There was Shireen, who apparently hates seaming as much as I do, working on her own Tivoli (basically the Picovoli sans picots). Shireen had chosen almost the exact same color as I had, and she was raving about how fast and easy the knitting was. What's more, the results were beautiful when I saw them close up. Inspired, I headed home to make one more try:

Sorry about the shadowy picture--I'll get some better ones as I go along, I'm sure. The best news is that thanks to some concentrated knitting time on Sunday evening, I've made it past the picot round on the neckline without disaster and am ready to start the initial increases. Here's hoping that we're over the hump (or at least that I no longer have to rip all the way back to the cast-on!).


Blogger Theresa said...

The awful weather this weekend totally inspired me to work on Rogue - not because I wanted to knit it but because I wanted to wear it! Of course, now it's beautiful and sunny again and I'm still not done. Alas.

10:10 AM  
Blogger shireen said...

We'll have to plan together when we wear them to knitsmiths. Mine is blocking as we speak. So hurry up and finish! :)

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been eyeing that pattern too - and was scared away by the cast on! U bet you'll love it even more having put your head down to figure out something you had troubles with... it'll look amazing when done! Thea

5:53 PM  

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