Monday, April 10, 2006

Last Vacation Post (I Swear)

I promise this will be it. Really. After today, it's back to all knitting all the time. Actually, it's a good thing that I do have all this vacation blogging, because I've been so busy with work that I have been doing very little knitting outside of Knitsmiths. I didn't even pick up my Sockapaloooza sock (other than to take a picture of it) between last Sunday's Knitsmiths meeting and this one!

OK, so for our last day of vacation, we left Portland fairly early. It was finally a clear day in Portland, and on the drive out of the city, we were able to see Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and several other mountains (yes, I know they have names--I just can't remember what they are). What a spectacular view with which to leave the city!

We drove straight up to Seattle, parked the car in downtown, and then walked all around. We strolled through the Pikes Place Market, visited the original Starbucks (much less crowded than I would have anticipated--apparently not everyone is a coffee tourist like me). We ate a light lunch in a cute little pub called the Virginia Inn. Nice microbrews on tap, and an eclectic mix of pub food. It was a nice place to relax for an hour or so over a couple of pints.

After our late lunch, we did some shopping, mostly of the window variety, although I did end up buying some slacks from the Gap, of all places. We also went on a wild goose chase for the huge REI store, which we never did find until we drove by it much later in the day.

We had dinner reservations at the Sky City restaurant at the top of the Space Needle. We got there a little early for our 8:30 reservation, so we were able to snag a window seat. The restaurant revolves, and we stayed long enough for two full revolutions. The view was spectacular, even after dark. The food was also good, even if it was hideously overpriced. I guess you're paying for the view as much as for the food. The service was actually better than I had anticipated, and the whole meal made for a perfect ending to our vacation. After dinner, we were able to go up one floor to the observation deck, which was useful only inasmuch as we got to identify (on the maps) the various buildings and bodies of water we had noticed during our dinner.

After returning our rental car, we headed back to the airport and had a pretty lengthy wait before our redeye flight, which was delayed even further. Apparently we made up some time during the flight, since we landed only about 5 minutes late.

Our vacation was really close to perfect. Beautiful weather, great company, a good combination of active pursuits and more relaxing, laid back times. We saw a lot, but never felt stressed or pressured to see everything. We can't wait to go back!


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