Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cherry Jubilee

I finally finished Cherry and trotted her out for an evening at the BSO, figuring that it's usually so warm in Symphony Hall that a short-sleeved sweater would not be entirely out of place. Unfortunately, it was actually a little chilly there last night, so Cherry spent most of the evening hidden under my jacket. Oh well. Here she is for your perusal--

Pattern: Cherry from My Fashionable Life. Pattern available here.

Materials: Knitpicks Elegance (70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk), colorway Ash (#0528). Buttons from The Button Box in Natick/Wellesley, Mass.

Started: 7/9/2006

Finished: Good question. The actual knitting was finished sometime in August. I seamed and knitted the neckband and button band on 1/1/2007, and finally added the buttons 1/6/2007.

Comments: This was one of those sweaters that suffered from my pathological inability to finish a project. I could have worn it this fall (or on any of the freakishly warm days this winter), but it was just languishing in my knitting basket for months. When I pulled it out on New Year's Day, I was pleasantly surprised by how little time it took to get all those pieces pulled together.

I'm really pleased with the fit on this sweater. I made the 36" size, and I think it fits really well. I did (as usual) make the sweater body longer than the pattern called for, but otherwise it didn't really need any adjustments. I enjoyed the cable pattern, which, along with the styling and the buttons (closeup here), gives the sweater the vintage feel I was looking for. I also liked the yarn, which makes the sweater significantly warmer than it would be with the cotton yarn the pattern calls for (good for me, since I tend to get cold if my arms are exposed).

By the way, for any of you in the Boston area, I strongly recommend the Button Box (on Rt. 9W on the Wellesley/Natick line). The employee there was willing to spend a long time with me choosing the perfect button for the sweater. I think at one point we had pulled out about 50 different button styles! Oh, and if you want compliments on your knitting, those flow as freely as the buttons do.


Blogger Jofrog said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see it in person. I've thought about making this pattern myself.

As for the button box, they are good people there and very kid friendly too. Toddlers in a button store would scare most, but they were so laid back

9:10 PM  

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