Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Sock follows the Trail of Lewis & Clark, part 1

So we flew into the SEATAC airport very late on Friday, March 17. We headed straight to an airport hotel and slept until about 9 AM, which was amazing considering the time change and all. After a lovely breakfast, we walked to the rental car place (relishing the weather, which was a good 15 degrees warmer than Boston) to pick up the Chevy Cobalt that would be ours for the week.

Our first destination was Olympic National Park on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. It's actually quite a trek to get over there, since it involved taking a ferry across Puget Sound or driving south around it. We chose the driving option, stopping as we went to see some sights. We checked into our hotel by mid-afternoon (more on that later) and then drove up the coast to Cape Alava, the westernmost point in the continental U.S. Needless to say, since I didn't drive at all during our road-tripping, I had plenty of time to chill out, listen to my iPod, and knit my Sockapaloooza sock . . . more on that tomorrow.

We timed our arrival so that after the 3-mile trek to the coastline, we'd be there in time to watch the sunset. The hiking (at least on the way there) was pretty easy, and we walked through gorgeous forests that looked almost magical as the lowering sun peeked through the canopy, making everything this lush dark green color. And, at the beach, we were rewarded with this:

More tomorrow.


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