Monday, May 21, 2007

Sockapalooza Slump

So I thought I had decided on a yarn and pattern for my Sock Pal. She said she loved unusual colors, adventurous patterns, etc. So I found some Socks that Rock in my stash that I thought was pretty wild--by my standards (keeping in mind that the last three sweaters I've knitted have all been gray . . . ) and started in during this last weekend, the first of my three weekend trips during the rest of this month. Only problem? I fell in love with these socks myself.

Turns out the colors aren't actually so outrageous once they're knitted up in the pattern (slip stitch rib) that I chose. Turns out that they're actually perfect for me rather than for my sock pal (especially since I've never knitted a pair of socks for myself before)! So we're back to square 1 for Sockapalooza 4. I need to get this straightened out before I head out to Portland on Wednesday, though--there's some serious plane knitting time that I'll need to take advantage of if I'm going to finish these socks by their deadline!

In other, non-knitting news, here's a picture of me this weekend, along with the cow that was named after me--some may see this as a dubious honor, but I think it's pretty cool.


Blogger Theresa said...

Definitey keep those for yourself!

5:35 PM  
Anonymous colleen said...

I don't know, Norah. You look pretty skeptical about that cow.

8:10 PM  
Blogger alison said...

Hey, the sockapalooza randomizer took me to your site. Cool!

Glad that you're finally making socks for yourself. And love that cow. :)

11:37 AM  

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