Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Project? What New Project?

Despite my somewhat pessimistic limerick from the other day, the Nantucket Jacket is all over but the buttons--it turns out that I actually can get a lot of knitting done if I only have one active project on the needles. Stay tuned for pics.

But this means that I've moved on to a new project, a long overdue one, using the oldest yarn in my stash. Since this is my first real foray into colorwork, here's hoping that the Denise needle breaking on the eighth round doesn't bode ill for the project as a whole! I'm making this truck sweater (the one on the far right). I bought the yarn and the pattern two summers ago, on a little day trip up to Green Mountain Spinnery. At that time, I intended to make the 3-4 year size for P. Now, though, I plan to make the 5-6 year size. Good thing they take the same amount of yarn!


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